Monday, June 6, 2011

24/7 Blog - 24 Halifax Dogs (and their walkers)

I don't own a dog myself, but this week I decided to shoot some of Halifax's dogs while I was out and about in the sunshine last weekend when Bike Week was wrapping up. A trip over to Point Pleasant Park gave me ample photo blog opportunity (13 pooch pics in one hour), and the rest I snapped whenever I had the time before and after my nine-to-five.
I really thought shooting dogs would be a sinch, but it turns out that they don't take simple modeling instructions quite as adeptly as their human counterparts. Looks like I'm going to have to stick with my two-legged subjects after all :)
There were a few shots where I was fast enough to snap a pic before the distracting scent of a wafting smell pulled my furry models away, and here they are.

To any of the dog owners: if you'd like me to email you a printable image, pls send me an email at! And thanks to Dolce, Joey, Roy Rogers, Bowie, Kaspar, Judique, Charlot, Quila, Oliver, Abby, Gojirra, Maggie, Gambit, Jesse, Jacob, Tosca, Menon, Lucy, Finlay, Molly and Sirius Black for being my (mostly) willing models!
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  1. Wow- I love these! I really love the one with the couple tightly holding hands.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Megs these are great! The couple holding hands (which for some reason I'm sure is Jule's and her beau) and the pup with the different color eyes, SO great!! Bravo my friend, Bravo!

  3. I love your themes, the ones hiding right under our noses.
    Paul and his dog, that is so neat. Of course he would get one to match his eyes.

  4. I love the pups (and I also love the cyclists from last week, which i forgot to comment on!). Great shots, Megs. Makes me want to shoot more film!

  5. I showed Dolce, he loved it!

  6. Love these!! I wish I had of run into you at the park that day with my fur baby ;) I always see people I know in your shots - so much fun! We either have a lot of friends in common or Halifax is super small. Maybe a bit of both!